My Itchiness Went Down Ninety Five Percent!!

OMG! Why didn’t I know about this sooner. 

After seeing a few of my posts he asked, "Do you have a soap that helps with itchy dry skin like psoriasis?" That was his first question when I got a private message from my customer in August 2021. I answered, "Many of my customers use it to help with dry skin issues and now only use Gentle Baby to ease their flaky skin for themselves or kids." 

Hey! I noticed a big difference after the first use, the itching minimized by 95% and my son also likes the soap!! He likes it more than the other soaps he had been using." I am going to put in another order since we almost done with the first Gentle Baby soap I ordered recently!!"

It's stories like this that make the late nights and long hours soap-making worthwhile.

Your stories. Your comments.

It's a great feeling I get knowing how the soaps I create, with my bare hands, have helped bring relief to my many of my customers.

Thank you for sharing. 

Sergio A. Aguirre, Jr.