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My name is Sergio Aguirre, Jr. I own a small artisan all-natural skincare business.


It was July 2015, when our journey began – my wife and I were told our precious little 5-month-old boy, had a dry skin condition “eczema”. As new parents, we felt helpless, and scared, unable to comprehend why our baby was in, what seemed like, as agonizing pain. We looked to our team of pediatricians, and they could not offer any relief or answers. For the next 30 months, every single night, our baby would wake us up 5 to 7 times with heart-wrenching cries, yes, every night. Desperation gripped us as we tried every over-the-counter ointment, lotion, and home remedy recommended by family and friends who also had struggled with dry kin issues. Night after sleepless night, we were driven to tears of hopelessness and feeling utterly defeated as nothing seemed to soothe his pain.

On November 15, 2015, we were introduced to a holistic chiropractor who helped transform our perspective on optimal health. In our 90-minute consultation he patiently explained and demonstrated how a more natural approach to healing the body – using food as medicine and incorporating natural remedies to allow the body to begin its healing process from inside out. He emphasized that a holistic approach required time, patience, and unwavering consistency to help our son heal his skin issues. There were no shortcuts. I was blown away by what the chiropractor said of the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) and how he viewed health and healing, with minimal-to-no pharmaceutical intervention. With degrees in Eastern Medicine and Kinesiology I sat at the edge of my seat taking his beliefs on how to heal the body, naturally. It was on this day that my perspective shifted. I was never big on taking over-the-counter meds, and now more than ever, I was going to educate myself on natural methods – even going as far as using homemade, 6-ingredient baby wipes, a 5 ingredient shampoo and body wash recipe. Determined to help our son, my wife, still breastfeeding, she embarked on a rigorous Elimination Diet to help identify the food or ingredient that triggered my son’s flare-ups. After 2 years of trying several methods, it was clear the cause of the eczema was a weak immune system.

In January 2018, my wife and I were introduced to high-quality essential oils and their natural, aromatic effects on the body and mind. Intrigued, I researched the company, and quickly became a wellness advocate to teach others about the benefits, but more importantly, educated myself on essential oils and herbalism – two pillars of health, in my opinion, that have a great impact of overall wellness. I slowly incorporated essential oils in our home and they really helped create a peaceful and calm environment. At this point, my son, wife, and I were getting consistent quality sleep – which means that after 26 straight months, we were all resting at night – but the eczema, the itchiness, and constant scratching had not gone away. The experience drove me to dive even deeper into holistic and natural ways to heal the body. For the next 18 months I researched, watched, and listened to advocates, experts, and practitioners of holistic health who explained and shared stories of how the body and heal naturally, given the chance. So, I went deeper and deeper down the “holistic-health rabbit hole”, which quickly became my passion.

By April 2019, I knew I wanted to help people heal and share the knowledge I had gained through my experiences. So, on May 26, 2019, I made my first batch of artisan soap and Pureza y Raices was born, “A Better-Living and Wellness Skincare Company. I knew I wanted my business to be more than just handcrafted skincare products, as a business owner, my goal is to serve others and help make an impact on their lives. Customers would consistently ask me if my soaps were going to help heal their issues – short answer, no. Are the natural ingredients and compounds found in olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and essential oils infused in my soaps going to help you with temporary skin relief, in many situations, yes. As a business owner, at the time, I could only give general information to customers about better skincare – but that would soon change. Deep down I knew most of the answers and how to help my customers to better skin and overall health. So, my next step was to find a way to get certified to be able to have in-depth conversations and be able to give advice.

On December 2022, after the pandemic, I enrolled in a yearlong intense education and training program which explores all aspects of well-being and other core concepts for a deeper understanding of individualized health. On February 2023, I graduated and received my certification as a Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach specializing in issues of the Microbiome (Gut Health), Whole Person Health (Physical, Mental, & Emotional Wellness), along with Food as Medicine, Herbalism, and Essential Oils. These are just some of the tools I utilize in my health coaching practice – Healing with Serg.

It is with deep passion, commitment, and goa, to inform and motivate others to embrace holistic health and the beauty and benefits of handmade skincare products. Let us embark on this journey together, towards a healthier, more natural way of living.

Sergio A. Aguirre, Jr.